AB Girls

AB Girls

AB Girls stands for American Baptist Girls in Relationship, Leadership, and Service.  AB Girls is a ministry of American Baptist Women’s Ministries.

AB Girls 2016AB Girls is about building relationships with other girls, adult  women, people in their own communities and around the world.  AB Girls also supports girls and young women as they grow in their relationship with Jesus.  AB Girls helps them explore stories and people in the Bible for guidance, and gives them a safe place to talk about their questions of faith.

CraftingThrough worship and service to others, girls and young women grow closer to God and see Jesus in the faces around them.

AB Girls is about girls becoming leaders.  God has given all of us particular gifts, talents, and skills to use in Jesus’s name – that makes us all leaders!

Skating 2016AB Girls assists girls and young women in figuring out what their special gifts, talents, and skills are, and gives them opportunities to learn how to use them in Christ’s service.

Fun 2016AB Girls is about reaching out to others in Jesus’s name.  Many passages from Scripture remind us that we are called to go into the world in the name of Christ, care for those who are less fortunate, and love our neighbors.  AB Girls gives girls and young women unlimited opportunities to serve God through serving others.

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